ANTHM & Blu – “Nina” and “Debbie”

New York rapper ANTHM teams up with Blu on their upcoming EP Handful of Dust, due for release on March 4th. Blu is under his producer moniker GODleebarnes and will produce the whole project while ANTHM lays down the raps. This is not the first time the two have worked together. On ANTHM’s Joy & Pain project, Blu did a feature on the RJF produced joint “Polaris.” This is also not the first time Blu is producing a whole project for a rapper besides himself. He has also provided his sounds for Sene on the project A Day Late & A Dollar Short and for Real J. Wallace on the album RaelBlz.


ANTHM released the first song “Nina” from the project two days ago. The title of the song seems to be named after the jazz singer Nina Simone, but check it out for yourself:

Today, ANTHM released the second track from the album called “Debbie.”

I picked this as my second release to celebrate my sister on her birthday. She turns 11 today. Anyone who has ever been close to me knows that we have a special relationship. It runs deep. I hope this record remains as timeless in her life as our bond will be. Happy birthday, Debbie.



Check out the track below:

Be sure to check out the lyrical raps by ANTHM and the smooth production by Blu aka GODleebarnes when the EP drops on March 4th.

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