Building Anticipation of Schoolboy Q’s Oxymoron

There is no release date, nor any confirmed tracks, just a whole lot of anticipation for what we are all expecting Schoolboy Q to top Habits and Contradictions with, which will be pretty hard to do. Oxymoron was on Complex‘s top 50 most anticipated albums of 2013 ( where they were also just anticipating whom Schoolboy Q will be working with on the album.

So far, Q has tweeted and Instagramed some hints at who might be on the album:

  • Pharrell (a picture on Instagram)
  • A$AP Rocky (picture on Instagram, but that’s almost a given due to the fact that they toured together for a couple months and seem to be really good friends.)
  • Ab-Soul (Q tweeted that he’s listening to “druggys wit Hoes twa”, meaning the third song in the Druggys Wit Hoes saga. Ab-Soul later made fun of him, as usual, and corrected his spelling on “trois”)
  • Action Bronson and Alchemist (Instagram picture of their feet in the studio with the hashtag #oxymoron)




Once fellow TDE member Kendrick Lamar‘s album good kid, m.a.a.d city came out, Schoolboy Q said that Kendrick, “left me no choice but to drop a classic,” so we see he is clearly motivated to put out music that is nothing short of his best.

I’m going to guess that Danny Brown and Kendrick Lamar, and possibly Jay Rock, will be on the album too because of how close he is to them. Also, 50 Cent had confirmed that he and Q had collaborated on more songs other than “Can I Speak To You” that was released over summer, so maybe one of them will land on the album.

If I was going to give a guess, I would think that Oxymoron won’t be out for another couple months. On March 3rd, Q tweeted, “THese last four RECORDS foe tHa album drivin me crazy cuHz I need sum dussy!!!!” Aside from the fact that he’s working so hard, he barely has time to get laid, and the album isn’t even fully finished.

Hopefully he’ll release a single or two from the album before it comes out just so we can get a small taste of what the album will be like before he drops it. Keep checking out the blog for more updates on Oxymoron and songs from it if they’re released!

– Mad Pat