ANTHM & GODleeBarnes – Handful of Dust EP Review

“I act my shoe size, but still remain soulful. Cannot complain, if I can still remain soulful.”

After hearing the two tracks “Nina” and “Debbie,” the Handful of Dust EP dropped today on ANTHM’s Bandcamp. The EP is nothing short from what was expected.


New York native rapper ANTHM proves that lyricism is not a lost art in hip-hop. Handful of Dust gives the listener a treat as it presents itself as nostalgic of the days in hip-hop where great lyrics were appreciated, and enlightening due to ANTHM and Blu‘s molding of the different sound the EP provides. Blu previously said in the interview he had with us, “As of now, this is just a taste as to who ANTHM is.” This EP is more than just a taste of what he is capable of. It shows his lyrical ability to create a story with his words and have the listener empathize with the message he is giving. Rather than “flexing” about his lyrical skills or the money he has, he touches on subjects like the love he has for his sister on “Debbie,” and his determination to achieve his dreams on the outro track, “Outro (Still Dreaming).”


GODleeBarnes uses sample-driven production to give ANTHM his own distinct sound. With both players bringing their “A” game to this EP, neither of them outshines the other. Like Blu has done with his previous partners, such as Exile, ANTHM allows the production to build the sound and mood of his project.

Make sure you check out this duo’s EP at ANTHM’s Bandcamp. You can download it for free, but don’t be scared to throw him a few bucks, music this good shouldn’t be free. Keep updated with the two of them on Twitter @NoCosign and @HerFavColor. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more from them soon.

“Never let my dreams die, hope they fit in this world.”

  • (@PTheWyse)

    Nice review, you pretty much summed up the project with this statement “ANTHM allows the production to build the sound and mood of his project.”

    ‘Handful of Dust’ is a teaser to something bigger. I would love if Blu dropped a verse.

    • everydejavu

      I can’t agree more with you that I wish Blu dropped a verse lol. Thanks though.