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L’Orange recently released his debut video for the song “Alone” off of his project The Mad Writer. I was lucky enough to get to ask him some questions about himself, his music, and what we should be expecting. Check out the interview below.

What made you decide that you wanted to start producing music?

My words ended and I still had more to say.

What was the first record you ever bought if you can remember?

Lou Rawls and Billie Holiday from Gravity Records.

How big is your record collection?

Too big to fit in one picture. 20% of my apartment.

You have yU and Erica Lane on Old Soul and The Mad Writer. How did these relationships begin?

yU is my favorite MC on the planet and I’ve been lucky enough to bring him on my projects. He and I are like minded in our approach to our craft. He moves mountains with every syllable.
Erica is one of my closest friends. I would work with her on every project if I could.


I noticed you post a status about working with Blu again on Facebook. “Alone” was one of my favorites on The Mad Writer, probably due to Blu being one of my favorite rappers. How is it working with Blu and should we be expecting some new Blu raps over L’Orange production soon?

Blu has been near the top of my list of MCs for a long time. It’s an honor to have been able to work with him. I wouldn’t doubt that you’ll see more collaborative work between us.

What is the creative process of a L’Orange beat?

I try to work on something every day, but if you’re truly investing yourself in your art, you can’t pick it up whenever you want. I draw inspiration from people in my life to bring back to my records.

I see you use the MPC2000XL and the MPC2500. What’s your view on hardware vs. software or hardware like the MPC’s vs. Native Instrument’s Maschine?

I used software when I first started, made a lot of awful music, then found myself in the MPC. If I open myself up and look past limitations, the world seems more overwhelming and my music suffers. Part of my creative process is making strict guidelines about what I can’t do, which helps me operate and find creativity through my limitations.

What is currently your favorite genre of music to listen to?

Jazz, but I probably listen to more hip-hop these days than anything else.

What is your view on the current state of hip-hop?

Murky water. There are gems under the surface.

Your albums only have a few vocal features. I read in one of your interviews that you feel like you can tell a story better without vocals. Have you ever considered doing a project with vocal features on all your tracks or a project with just one rapper on all the tracks?

That’s a goal of mine for 2013. I’d like to put out a project with one MC. I’d like to approach it as a challenge to work with someone else to create a world in itself. I have to envision the project as a full story or else I can’t work like I want to, so I look forward to sharing that experience with an MC.

What were your favorite albums of 2012?

Adrian Younge- “Something About April”

Action Bronson- “Rare Chandeliers”

Oddisee- “People Hear What They See”

Homeboy Sandman- “First of a Living Breed”

Who are your favorite producers currently?

Oddisee, Premier, Exile, Kev Brown, Eric Lau… Those stay in heavy rotation.

Who are your favorite rappers currently?

Really feeling Homeboy Sandman, Roc Marciano, Oddisee. Can’t stop listening to Earl Sweatshirt’s single.

What artist would you like to work with next (rapper or producer)?

There are a lot of dope artists out there I would like to collaborate with, but I’m going to let the flowers arrange themselves.

You recently released your first video ever for the track “Alone” with Blu. What was the process like for coming up with this video and should we be expecting more videos?

Ashton Blessing is a genius. You never know. It’s hard to predict when videos will begin or finish, but I would like to say yes.

What should we be expecting from L’Orange in 2013? 

My goals for 2013 are to build an album with an MC, release another instrumental project and re-release Old Soul on vinyl.

Any final comments?

Even if we break, we are rebuilt with gold to show that we are not defined by our construction. We can wear our cracks on our arms and faces proudly.


Check out The Mad Writer and all of L’Orange’s previous work at

  • (@PTheWyse)

    Great interview. Learned a lot about L’Orange. I would love to see him work with more emcees in the future yet his music is good enough to shine without rappers. That is a sign of a talented beatmaker.


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