Interview with Donny Oh

donnyohEver since the young rapper Donny Oh spit over some Knxwledge production and The Needle Drop aka Anthony Fantano gave him a co-signI have been keeping him in my sight to make sure I catch whatever heat he drops. Since then, he released his Stuffed Shells EP and a few loose tracks and music videos. We got the chance to speak to him about his current situation, wanting to work with Chester WatsonPsymunand more, and what’s to come. Check it out:

Where did you get the name “Donny Oh” and when did you start rapping? 

Well my first name is actually Donny and my last name starts with an O, so I just put them together and thus we have Donny Oh, haha.

You had put on Twitter that you are stuck in between graduating high school and being able to attend college. How does this affect you and your goals with music? 

I graduated already, I’m currently taking a gap year in between High School and college. It’s basically just some time for me to do some personal growth and learn more about myself and the world. I graduated early and I didn’t wanna go straight to college. It doesn’t really affect my musical goals that much, just gives me time to isolate myself and get better with my raps.

I first heard of you through The Needle Drop when he posted the video for the Knxwledge-produced track, “Fencing.” I’m a big fan of his. How did he come across your music and did you know he was going to share your video?

I tweeted him asking him to listen to the track and watch the video, I didn’t even really expect him to reply. He said he was open to hearing some new music and I shot him a link, like 3 days later there’s Fencing on the website. I was super excited.

You are eating pasta in the video for “Fencing” and you called your project Stuffed Shells EP. Any significance in your interest in Italian food or is it as simple as that? 

Haha I was eating ramen which is like Japanese noodles. The Stuffed Shells title came from my friend Nate. I asked him what to title my EP and he said Stuffed Shells because I had posted a picture of some stuffed shells my mom made on my instagram and I kept telling him how good they were.

You released the dark, chilling track “GSVR,” along with a video. In the music video you and your friends were torturing a kid in a chair with different weapons from a baseball bat to garden shears. What’s the story behind the track and it’s video?

The idea was that my friends and I were torturing a hypebeast, hence the streetwear and jordans he’s wearing. I’m not totally sure if that came across though haha. GSVR was just another track I wrote, 2 verses no hook… I guess if anything I was trying to show progression.

What is your view on the current state of hip-hop and where do you see yourself fitting in?

Hip hop is in a really good place I think. I’m into a lot of like newer experimental type of stuff especially instrumental wise and there’s a bunch of that coming out now. Producers like ELI, Psymun, Chester Watson, RandomBlackDude, Plu2o Nash, and Manny Vilmatelo are really pushing the genre forward. I’m trying to stand out a little with the newer content to be honest. I want to be seen as a kid that stands out and holds his own with lyrics and beat selection.

You said that the Stuffed Shells EP was just a warm up for what’s to come. What does the future hold for Donny Oh?

New hot ass shit, innovative original stuff. Me and ELI are gonna really tear down walls when I get back to the States.

Which artists would you like to work with the most and who are currently your favorite rappers and producers?

Me and Chester Watson were supposed to collab a while back but that kept getting delayed due to problems on both sides. In terms of rappers right now I like ELI, Lucki Eck$, Chester Watson, MF DOOM, Earl Sweatshirt, Kevin Abstract, and a few other guys. In terms of producing – ELI again, Psymun, Plu2o Nash, Andy Frenchtoast, Chester again, Manny Vilmatelo, and Planetarian aka HoraceTheGiant.

Have you ever wanted to get into the field of producing?

Most definitely. Look out for some of my own producing when I get back to the USA in late April.

Any final comments? 

If you like my music and show it to people thanks a lot. If not, I guess that’s cool too. New track produced by Andy Frenchtoast soon. Bye

Follow him on Twitter @donnyraps and check out Stuffed Shells EPif you haven’t yet.