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Mike Melinoe is a Detroit emcee that has three mixtapes under his belt, but that’s not his whole story. He started up the collective known as Organic Geniuses that fosters a handful of rappers and producers that released their own mixtape together together called OGTOMK Vol. 1. On top of that, they are forever growing, constantly adding new members like one of our close friends, Avant-Garde. Mike Melinoe has only just begun his buzz, and you should expect to see big things from him and his Organic Geniuses family in the future. We got a chance to ask him a few questions about his projects, music videos, and his crew. Check it out:

Who is “Mike Melinoe” and where are you from?

Mike Melinoe is an artist from Detroit, MI representing a very elite crew entitled Organic Geniuses (OGTOMK).

When did you start rapping and what was your biggest inspiration?

My first time attempting to write or rap was at the age of eight or nine but started recording at 18. My biggest inspiration has to be me and my childhood overcoming depression and seeing the struggle within my family.

Your projects (Last Voyage: Tales of Heartbreak, Daze N. A. Day, Four Daze Genius) all have you venturing into different sounds and themes. Do you do this intentionally depending on the project, or is it caused by your growth as an artist and change in taste of music?

Well everything and person owns a story so that being stated it’s a growth and knowing music that feeds me experiences. Great music isn’t a elevated process unless you try different sounds and styles. Every project I release had a meaning and purpose towards my life and current situation so it shouldn’t be a repetitive sound.

You released a music video for the track “Spoken Heart” off of Last Voyage: Tales of Heartbreak a few months back. That’s one of my favorite tracks off of your first project. Why did you decide to go back and make a video for song and what does it mean to you?

“Spoken Heart” was a record I felt that had true meaning a spoke for my future. I felt that I needed to relive that perspective more with my first visual. It means a lot by it just being the first track from “LV:TOHB“. That introduction was a was pretty interesting catch from mental to paper. That moment was when I first learned a tad about Mike Melinoe.

Speaking of music videos, what happened to the “Starving Marvin” music video?

Lol “Starving Marvin” was actually finished and on YouTube for about a month. I gave few fans and my crew members a chance to view it, but management wise and myself wasn’t satisfied by the perfection of it. Honestly we were in the process of finalizing the film but it was deleted from the site so I left it alone and have more visuals dropping this year.

You produce under the moniker Og $lick. How often do you produce and what gear do you use?

How did you figure that, quite intelligent I shall mention lol. OG $LICK actually is an acronym meaning “Succeed Like I Can’t Kill” validating the fact that murder is easy to society but success isn’t, pretty clever I know! Producing is important to me and I won’t reveal my craft to earth until I master I that ability more. I’m just a huge fan of music so I plan to get involved with all sorts and which production is strong and can reach to so many people without verses.

Tell us about Organic Geniuses. How did you guys start up and what should we be expecting from the crew in the future?

I am the creator of OG. I felt that I needed to develop a rare elite crew doing something people rarely attempt to do. We are worldwide from the UK to US. I wanted to build relationships with people I see pushing true talent in music. We all used the internet to build and finally met and it became more of a family like I dreamed. Folks feel that rising with your friends from the backyard is the only way where I felt that my surroundings had no view and feel amost my morals so I thought to create something odd. We all are family creating a new voice for music as well as learning each other and feasting from our individuals situations. Organic Geniuses are history and started from what the world gave us which is the net.

Avant-Garde is apart of the family and music crew over here at EveryDejaVu, as well as Organic Geniuses. How’d you and OGTOMK link up with him?

I met Avant ugly self because of Rakeem; we had a show in Philly & Delaware and he was apart of the set time. The crazy thing about our meeting was he and had no idea who I was and nor did I. The first time I saw him he had a lip piercing and tatts on his neck taking to Keem and I said to myself don’t judge him, for what reason at that I didn’t know but I didn’t. Then from that show trip the last day I was out there we went back to his pad and recorded a track, exchanged digits, then talked from that point on building a very great relationship. He wasn’t in OG at first, which I thought he’ll be a great fit, but it happened by fate months later and here we are brothers from another.

Which artists are currently getting the most plays from you?

Mostly anybody in OG. We rarely go outside our camp because we still have to learn daily about the family. No lie these group of killas I work with are very experimental like we WORK HARD. On our DJ KHALED feel, lol.

What project(s) and collaborations should we be expecting from Mike Melinoe?

Well far as protects from me next year, just visuals and random releases. But my our Killa from the UK Tino Apex is dropping a project in October, then November our two producers Chuck Daly & Niak Remark are dropping a creative beat tape. In December OGTOMK Vol. 2 is releasing so I shall be in fill effect in that action. Finishing off the year strong!!

I see you have that t-shirt in the works. Looks pretty dope. When will it be released and where can we get one?

YES!! The very rare Melinoe tees are coming out in October late though, just getting the order correct so many people are interested but for that just contact our graphic artist Zach Thompson (@animblebranch) aka ugly name 4000! Those shirts are awesome by the way you should grab one also.

Any final comments?

I just appreciate this opportunity and love the support you all show OG because we work hard. Just follow us all or just the OG page (@OrganicGeniuses). Just needed to say that these interview questions were awesome also they were all different and new questions I’ve heard. Peace and Love. OGTOMK

Check out all of his projects over at DatPiff and follow him on Twitter to keep up with the latest.

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