JohnNY U., Lafayette Stokely & J. ManifestO – “Sire” (prod. by Moteleola)

a1025021992_10Back at the end of June, JohnNY U., Lafayette Stokely and Motel Eola released a short EP and called themselves (as well as the EP) We Three Kings. Now in honor of their solo projects being released, they re-release one of standout tracks on its own featuring close collaborator J. ManifestO. .

“Sire” has the three New York emcees going over Motel Eola’s soulful banger and JohnNY U. reciting “address me as so, the king, your majesty, your sire” in the chorus.

Check it out below and check out JohnNY U. and J. ManifestO‘s latest projects, if you haven’t yet!