EveryDejaVu Premiere: Fa†e – The Night Bus Home

avatars-000055703413-9kdegs-t500x500 (1)Fa†e‘s debut album The Night Bus Home has been a long way coming. Since we first talked to him when we launched EveryDejaVu (and became the first member of our currently-secret music crew), he always had the idea on board and its almost surreal to see the California producer finally releasing his seventeen-track project. 

The Night Bus Home contains stand-alone instrumentals and features by marris, JohnNY U., ScienZe, Real J. Wallace, Doxey, E.R.A., Savannah Moreau, Kaedus, Anonymuz, Emay, Prxjectand Blu that come together to form a story that’s better described by the producer himself in an interview that we got to hold with him focusing on the album.

We’ve already heard the singles, “Void of Love,” “Coca-Cola,” and “Can’t Hold On,” but to hear the project as a whole gives you a whole different perspective on the diversity and potential of Fa†e as a producer. Listen from beginning to end to hear him provide you with the jazzy, laid-back Cali vibe and switch it up to his dark, ambient side.

Download The Night Bus Home via his Bandcamp below. If you enjoy it, make sure you support and buy a very limited physical copy of the album, and maybe even a beanie! While you listen to the album check out our interview with him below the stream and read about the concept of the album, the building of certain tracks, working with artists like Blu and ScienZe, and more.

Shout out to Fred LozanoAduro ArtBLK FRM, and James Blaj for their artwork contributions to the project.

Can you tell us the background behind your name, Fa†e?

The name Fa†e came to me one day in class when I was just brainstorming different names to produce under. I had used a few different ones before it, but didn’t like any of them. I decided I wanted to incorporate a cross (†) into my name and use it as a (t) and went from there (I wanted the cross as a symbol of faith, as it’s a major part of my life). I eventually came up with “Fa†e” and it just stuck, as it in a sense sums up the essence of my music. I had no prior music knowledge before I taught myself how to produce about 2-3 years ago, knew nobody really who did anything in the hip-hop realm, and so I decided it was fate that I had made it that far and anywhere else I could possibly go in music.

You just released your first album ‘The Night Bus Home.’ Before we get into smaller details, how did the concept of “the night bus home” come about?

Recently I lived in Vancouver for a few months and I’d have to take the bus everywhere. So after I’d be out for the day or what not, I’d have to take this 40-minute bus ride back to my dorm. I just would put in my headphones and think. So it kind of came together as the project being a representation of me putting on my headphones and the thoughts I would have, but translated into music.

A promo cover for your project has routes that correspond with the tracklist. How does this place into the concept of your album?

That was a design BLK FRM did for me, just a kind of visual representation he had of the album after listening to it a few times. Really cool art and he’s a talented artist.


How did you choose which instrumentals to have features for and which ones to stand solo?

Some I just wanted to stand alone as instrumentals, continuing the story with various vocal samples, adding that extra layer. One or two though I just couldn’t find the right artist for the instrumental but liked it enough that I needed it on the project, so those remained on there as such.

Can you tell us what role Kaedus and Anonymuz play on the track “Don’t Lose Sight (Of The Light)”?

That track seems like it’s somewhat dark and depressing if you don’t know the back-story on it. It actually is a concept stemming from the Kingdom Hearts video game series. That’s the origin of the vocal samples in the track. Kaedus took on the main protagonist as himself in Sora, and Anonymuz responds back as Riku. So if you haven’t played the games it might not be as clear, just WikiPedia it or something to get the basic understanding. It’s actually really cool because it can have a few meanings in the actual context or the context of the game.

On the track “Void of Love,” you enlist the lovely voice of Savannah Moreau for the chorus. How did you two link up and will we be hearing more this collaboration down the road?

She actually is a friend of a friend, he finally connected us together and we talked about music a bit. I showed her the reference for the song, and that became the Void of Love hook. We actually are planning to do a full project together starting in December, not much really to say besides that, but yes we definitely will be working more together.

On the subject of “Void of Love,” you have three emcees lay down solid verses over a dusty, guitar-driven track. What’s the story behind this track and the features?

It’s actually pretty crazy. That was the first instrumental I made back home after my stay in Canada, so it was made around late April. I sent it to marris and he did a verse on it, but that was all. I told him I needed it for my album and sent it to this guy FcukNormality, he liked it and wanted to write the hook. So then I had a rough hook reference and the verse marris did on it, so I showed JohnNY U., and he dug it and said he’d do a verse. That took a little bit of time, then it made it’s way into Savannah’s hands and she got me the hook done. Then I asked ScienZe if he’d do a verse for it and he was all for it. He was on tour at the time so it took a few weeks, but was well worth the time spent to create the track. I think it was 6 months in the making actually, because I had the final mix done for it on Halloween I believe.

What significance do the vocal samples hold for the The Joker, Helplessness, and other tracks?

They all relate in a few ways. The main concept of the album is this guy “The Passenger” on this bus ride home (somewhat paralleling the film “Drive” by Nicolas Winding Refn and “The Driver”). I tried to construct those instrumentals as film scenes and each one holds some significance to “The Passenger”. When it’s a guy talking to another guy I meant for it to be himself and the second voice is his conscious. When he is speaking to a female character it represents a girl from his past life and the memories or feelings that he with her in mind. All playing along with the concept its this bus ride back to his home and the thoughts he is having.

The very last track is my grandma’s voice, which the album is dedicated to her. She had a very big impact on my life and the last song is like that final ascension from “The Last Stop” to the concept of becoming an Angel.

The final words spoken are from my grandpa who also is now an Angel.

What do the street names signify along with the concept of the album?

The street names are actual street names I’d travel by. They also are spaced ut time wise where the time in-between the tracks from one street to another is actually the same length it would be if one was riding that bus route.

“The Last Stop” is appropriately placed at the tail end of the album and features LA artist Blu on a verse. How did this collaboration come together and how does it play out with the rest of the project?

Blu had worked with marris, Doxey and myself just a couple of month’s prior on another track (which isn’t out yet). I had this beat and marris said Blu should be on it, but I wasn’t sold on the instrumental yet. So I found this movie clip (From my favorite film as well “Midnight In Paris” by Woody Allen) and it really fleshed the track out more and I loved the concept of the end of the album and conquering death. So I sent it to Blu, he liked the concept and beat, so we did the track in probably a span of 3-4 weeks. He’s the coolest, seriously.

We interviewed you back when you released your first mixtape with Hawaii emcee marris. What’s your relationship with him like and what do you two have in store for the future?

He’s like my brother musically. We’re constantly talking music and life. As I’ve been working on “The Night Bus Home” he’s been working on his first real length project “rare candy”. I have a few tracks on there with him and it’s coming along nicely. Besides that him, Doxey and myself are going to start working on the HeArt album, and then marris and myself will do a full album at some point in time, just don’t know when.

What other projects are you working on now?

Besides the projects I mentioned with Savannah and HeArt, I have this mixtape “Homeland” with Isaiah Thomas The 3rd and we’re a little more than halfway done with that. Then I’ve also already started thinking about and planning my next solo project.

What are you trying to accomplish in 2014 and what artists do you want collaborate with in that year?

I want to go on tour in 2014, whether it’s DJ’ing for a rapper’s set, doing my own instrumental performances or something. Savannah and me ideally want to make this project of ours and do a little tour through California, but that’s still down the road a bit. Artist wise, really want to work with JMSN, XV,Fashawn & ANTHM. Also would love to with Blu & ScienZe more. Lastly, I wanna do a full project with JohnNY U., I haven’t mentioned this to him at all, but think it’d be a good project to do.

Any final comments?

Thank you for listening to any music of mine, every day is a blessing.

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