Oddisee – “Invisible Walls” / Mello Music Group Announces Compilation Project

mello-music-group-invisible-walls1Coming off his The Beauty In All / Tangible Dream release, Oddisee and Mello Music Group let loose a new track, that he also produced, entitled “Invisible Walls.” With rolling drums and spacey/synth-driven keys, Oddisee brings you to another realm with introspective lyricism.

“Invisible Walls” acts as the first single off of Mello Music Group’s upcoming compilation album, Mandala Vol. 1, Polysonic Flows, in which they just released the tracklist. And wow, what a reminder of the lineup they have and relationships they have created with other talented artists. You really can’t go wrong when you have emcees like Has-Lo and yU to features like Open Mike Eagle and Denmark Vessey. Not only are they pulling in stellar emcees, they have top notch producers like Oddisee (he’s just every on the project), Quelle Chris (who will also be providing bars), and newcomer L’Orange

The in-house collabs are cool and all (very very cool, actually), but “You Are Safe Now” will feature Hellfyre Club‘s milo and production from L’Orange, and I’m not even sure I can describe how excited I am to hear that collaboration. And then Jeremiah Jae producing the track “A History of Modern Dance” for Open Mike Eagle to rap over? Yeah, this is definitely worth the pre-order.

Check out “Invisible Walls” and the tracklisting for Mandala Vol. 1, Polysonic Flows, which drops January 28th, below.


01. Invisible Walls (feat. Oddisee) [prod. Oddisee]

02. The Lost Nova (feat. Mr. Lif & John Robinson) [prod. L’Orange]

03. Hard Writer (feat. Has-Lo) [prod. Has-Lo]

04. Lost Children (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow) [prod. Duke Westlake]

05. Euclidian Geometry (inst) [prod. Quelle Chris]

06. Supreme Codeine (feat. Miz Korona, Quelle Chris, T. Calmese, Nick Speed) [prod. Quelle Chris]

07. A History Of Modern Dance (feat. Open Mike Eagle) [prod. Jeremiah Jae]

08. King O.A.T. (feat. yU, Tim Hicks, Charlie Ross) [prod. yU]

09. You Are Safe Now (feat. Milo) [prod. L’Orange]

10. Family Room (feat. Castle) [prod. Castle]

11. Nothing Has A Never (feat. Oddisee) [prod. Oddisee]

12. Juggernaut (feat. Has-Lo) [prod. Has-Lo]

13. Crazy High (inst) [prod. Oddisee]

14. L.I.V.E. (feat. Akil The MC) [prod. Duke Westlake]

15. Going Swell (feat. Quelle Chris) [prod. Quelle Chris]

16. Brick Walls & Blurry Faces (feat. Castle & Blueprint) [prod. L’Orange]

17. Problematic (feat. yU) [prod. Slimkat 78]

18. Bracelets (feat. Has-Lo) [prod. Has-Lo]

19. Something Good (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow) [prod. Dudley Perkins]

20. Money Shot (feat. Selfsays, Quelle Chris, Denmark Vessey, Nic Notion) [prod. Quelle Chris]