Interview : Producer iglooghost talks sampling NES games, milo’s debut LP & more

0001466261_100Seventeen-year-old producer out of the UK known as iglooghost is a name that you should get familiar you with the year starting out. With collaborations under his belt including Kool A.D., milo, Riley Lakemore, the beatsmith definitely has more in store for 2014. We got a chance to have a back-and-forth with iglooghost and talk about his music as sounding like “forest haunted by ghosts made of computer data,” his upcoming EP, the way he goes about producing using NES games, his collaborations with milo & more. If you haven’t heard of iglooghost, you might want to head over to his Soundcloud or Bandcamp and play some tunes, or check out some of the tracks I’ve placed throughout the interview below.

Can you tell me what an iglooghost is?

one time i was drunk freestyling with some friends in a forest and i accidently somehow used the words ‘haunted inuit houses’ to rhyme with ‘mouses’ which in retrospect isn’t actually a word lmfao. i don’t know. i like inuit culture. they’re dope. their language is fucking amazing matey.

Do you draw any influences to your music from the inuit culture?

hahahaha i’m not that heavy into the inuit game. i mean funny you should say that cus i did actually make a little track that uses inuit chants as like.. my version of a trap ‘AYE’ type thing. that’s as far as it goes tho hahaha

Speaking of chanting, that reminds me of the track milo produced on his latest project, poplar grove (or how to rap with a hammer), “my grandad’s soul…” You produced the track “evil doer melody” on that project. How did your relationship with milo start up?

that track is a journey bro bro. uh i was a fan for a while so i just dm’d him on a coinflip and it all went smoothly from then on. we just finished our album yesterday. 1 yr in the making. damn

You predicted my next question. So you completed produced milo’s debut LP?

ya ya ya. not sure how much i’m allowed to talk about it. in a very simplified description it basically sounds like a forest haunted by ghosts made of computer data. late this year i believe.

If there’s any duo that can perfectly execute that sound, it’s definitely you two. We’ll definitely be on the lookout for that. Still on the subject of milo, you produced a track for him and Kool A.D. on Kool’s latest project Not OK. How did that collaboration come about?

hahahahahahaha. uh ok, how can i put this lightly. i dunno it was for me and rory’s lp but vik sort of threw it on his album without asking. it’s whatever. we’re gonna change it up for the album a bit. no beef kool ad i love your jokebook yo

Oh wow, that’s a surprise. I know you’re young, but exactly how old are you and when did you start producing?

i’m 17 sir. it’s a bad age where it’s not as impressive as 16 but i still have to get weird 20 yr olds to buy my alcohol cus i’m not 18. i started producing when i was like 12 on and off. i used to make chiptuney pokemon type shit which is weird in a way cus i think it was yesterday when i realised how connected my new shit is to my first shit ever.

At least you’re not in the US where you have to wait until you’re 21.

So you have some years of experience under you belt. What has your setup for gear been throughout the years?

21 is harsh. damn. we all started drinking when when we were 14/15 tbh. yeah my gear’s just a microkorg, mpd32, midi keyboard and whatever random shit i can find that makes cool sounds. i buy a lot of nes games and sample em. i’m tryna collect a bunch of shitty ‘toy’ instruments rn, i got a stylophone drum machine the other month hehehehe.

That’s a neat way to go about sampling. You hear most of these producers digging for records at the local record store. You’re out trying to find Super Mario and Donkey Kong.

You’re dropping the Treetunnels EP this month via Error Broadcast, correct? What can you tell us about your upcoming project?

yeah yeah yeah that’s correct. it’s sort of a very wriggly fidgetty vibe. starting off bleepy n bloopy it progressively gets sort of solemn and more ambient until the last track fucking explodes into this sad soundscape thing for like 30 seconds. i don’t know. i flirted with weird structures. there’s some amazing guest features on there. everybody who hopped on the record came the fuck thru. it’s all gonna be on itunes n boomkat and stuff but there’s also super exclusive cool orange cassettes with bonus tings including brainfeeder features wooooah. oh and it’s on the 28th hehehe

That sounds awesome. I saw the list of features and I’m stoked. What’s Riley Lake’s contribution? And I’ll definitely be copping a cassette! Are you allowed to say who from Brainfeeder contributed?

thanks pal. yeah riley lake is my big brother in this music shit. he’s a wise tall boy with the cheekiest grin in the world. he actually sings on a track. he lowkey has pipes. he’s got a remix on the end of the tape. it’s amazing. feels like swimming thru musty bong water in a different galaxy. and yeah yeah yeah matthewdavid.

No idea he could sing, that’s dope. I can’t wait to hear the project.

So you have your EP, milo’s LP, and what else in store for 2014?

gonna get some 12″s out for sure. i have a shit ton of ideas for random projects. hopefully a little ep, and after the milo lp i’m gonna start my first solo album that i’ve been planning for like 2 years. many many shows as wellllllllll bruh bruh bruh

Excited for everything you have in store. What projects are you looking forward to this year?

damn it’s early days so i’m sure a shit ton will be revealed soon. rn i’m looking forward to xiu xiu, kanye, flylo, young fathers, outkast if it happens, hopefully new mbv, have a nice life, and maybe a new jay electronica if we’re lucky

Hopefully Jay Electronica crawls out of his secret cave this year. That wraps this up, thanks for your time! Any final words?

yeah don’t microwave veggie samosas cus they go floppy as fuck.

Great advice, thanks homie!


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