Where in the World is Pac Div?

pac divIn the midst of up-and-coming innovating artists from the West Coast, Pac Div created a large buzz for themselves in California and all around the hip-hop community. The trio, which consists of emcees Like, Mibbs, and BeYoung, has put out six original projects in the past seven years. On the brink of carrying their underground respectable buzz to mainstream shine, they seemed to have taken a break and focused on other paths. As much as I’ve wanted to have the opportunity to post a new Pac Div song, my blog is not old enough to remember the music from the trio. Where in the world is Pac Div?

Where they were:

Pac Div spent the years between 2006-2013 molding a unique sound that was a mix of flex rap, smoker anthems, and laid-back jazzy tracks. Overall, they made a sound that was fun and original that resonated with the lifestyle in California. The two brothers, Like and Mibbs, along with BeYoung built a strong chemistry as a trio that was apparent since their first project Sealed for Freshness: Blend Tape. And since then, they’ve been able to build and evolve to a new sound.

Almost 75% of Pac Div’s sounds were always provided by their high school-basketball buddy Swiff D. Swiff D can be considered the 4th unofficial member, whereas he molded the soundscape that consisted of hard-hitting drums, eccentric synthesizers, creative samples and more. Most importantly, we got a new tone with every track that still kept it’s cohesion with the project.

Later on, they began to enlist producers like No I.D., Scoop DeVille, DJ Dahi, and Like, himself on their latest projects, The DiV and GMB.

On top of their unique sound, they always came fresh when it came to style, fashion, and their raps. They blended well with the newcoming California movement in the mid-2000’s and enlisted many of the local upcoming artists on their tapes along the way, including: Casey Veggies, Dom Kennedy, BJ the Chicago Kid, Kendrick Lamar, Blu and more.

Where they were last seen:

As a group, they were last seen doing shows, and spending some time down in Brazil. They even did a live performance video of one of my favorite tracks off of GMB, “Truth,” which can be viewed above.

As for each of them…

Like: He was always busy producing, but as of late, he’s been stamping his name on the end of some big names. In late 2012, he produced the sentimental track at the tail-end of Kendrick Lamar‘s good kid, m.A.A.d city, “Sing About Me” (which could win him a Grammy!).

Also, while he was in Brazil, he released a track of his own dedicated to the city of São Paulo.

Mibbs: He wanted to expand further on the sound Pac Div was creating with producer Scoop DeVille, and released a short-EP of gritty, bass-driven tracks called #FREEBASS.

BeYoung: Nowhere to be found except in videos of performances.

Where are they now and when will they return?

Pac Div seems to be in the shadows while they expand individually on their own music. Mibbs will be releasing his newest solo EP, produced by WoodysProduce, tomorrow called #THEPROGRAM, and word has it that Like will be releasing a beat tape via Paxico Records in the near future.

I believe their venture in building on their own sounds and solo work is a great way to promote the whole Pac Div movement. While BeYoung is currently behind the curtains, the two brothers are pushing their solo work and creating their own fan bases to build on top of their collective Pac Div audience.

By the time they come back together, their movement will be even bigger, as well as their sound being more defined. I expect another Pac Div project by the end of 2014 (maybe its the year that we finally get Grown Kid Syndrome), if not, I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot from Mibbs, Like, and BeYoung.