Blu & Bombay – “The Return”


It’s chilling with how close Good To Be Home is to our ears. One week from today, we will have Blu & Bombay’s much-anticipated double-disc album that has been in the making for almost two years now. With the time ticking down, we get the second track off of the album called “The Return,” and wow.

“The Return” has Blu spewing bars on bars over Bombay’s rough, string-led production that really shows the passion that Blu will be lacing this album with. It’s a different vibe from tracks like “Rap Dope” (I don’t even have a post for the original track because that came out in September 2012) that had him experimenting more with his lowkey, gritty flow, where as this time, we get the explosive Blu that doesn’t hold anything back. Blu is at his best right now with top notch flow and lyricism demonstrated by lines like “How you keep peace these days if you don’t got a piece by your reach these days?”

Check out “The Return” below and pre-order Good To Be Home now!!