The Weekly Beats Beat (6/18 – 6/24)


Dwight Shrute is back with his beets beat selection for the week and I am here to talk about them. He gave me a handful found near a bunch of a synthesizers and dusty records. Enjoy!

Ackryte x Hongry Bogart – “Holy Waterz”

Minneapolis beat god Ackryte teams up with Hongry Bogart for a smooth, electronic piece of production called “Holy Waterz.” So many textures and sounds and tones and whatever else you can come up with are found all over this track. The track isn’t too in your face, but it’s perfect background music.

Kanisono – “smll mnds.”

A member of Chester Watson‘s Nu Age Syndicate, Kanisono drops a sweet beat called “smll mnds.” Too dusty for your Swiffer to clean up, Kanisono blends drawn-out keys and snappy drums to make for this track that is too short. (I want more.)

Eu-IV -“msndrstd”

I heard of Eu-IV from his mixtape he had with the emcee DooF, that I actually don’t know much about either, called pHake DiiPThat’s a project definitely worth checking out if you’re into jazzy lo-fi production and interesting DOOM offspring.

But onto “msndrstd,” Eu-IV combines a mesh of piano and horn loops side-by-side some shaking drums (sh-sh-sh-sh-sh). Keep up with this talent:

SwuM. x goldenninjah – “greens”

SwuM. and goldenninjah team up to remix “Shook Ones Pt. 2″ in a really lo-fi manner. Strong, drawn-out piano keys fill up your speakers with many different tones and the popping of the turntable needle really puts the cherry on top. “greens” is the name, dusty is the game. (Too late to delete that.)

ShunGu – “Dem Franchiz_”

ShunGu brings me back to awkward 8th grade dances with his remix to “Oh I Think They Like Me” by Dem Franchize Boyz, but he steers away from the traditional dance-along track. Smoothly-looped guitar mixed with Dem Franchize Boyz is such a weird mix that it’s almost perfect.

DK the Punisher – “Everything”

DK the Punisher ended up on my radar after the young producer made a bunch of beats for the duo TiRon & Ayomari like one of my favorites “All My Love.” This kid has so much talent and it’s portrayed on tracks like this. “Everything” has DK the Punisher mixing some strings with trap drums that he describes as Trap&B. Peep:

cove – “apr.20″

Man, cove has been killing it since I started EveryDejaVu and he keeps it going with the follow-up to the first project I heard from himlove​.​gained​/​love​.​lost​.​too. picks up where he left off and I would like to showcase “apr.20″ the most because of the variety of skills and sounds used in this track. From a mix of vocal and keys samples to added-synth in the backdrop, cove really shows his technical skill in the field of producing. He also does this for 25 tracks on his newest project. Crazy.

Greyhat – “Departure”

I’m familiar with Greyhat through iglooghost, and he makes equally dope music. Heavy synths, crackling drums, interesting swing, and so many power layers to the talent that Greyhat spews into “Departure.” And check out that neat artwork that iglooghost provided for him.

ShunGu – “Hiatus_Flip”

And I will walk you out of this post with another ShunGu flip. ShunGu is a monster, that’s all I can say, even though I’ve said it a bunch times before. Keep it up.

I hope you’re enjoying these! Shout out to all of these producers and the other ones that I would’ve considered if ShunGu wasn’t embarrasing them.