Joey Bada$$ – “Christ Conscious”

badass christ

So, it turns out Joey Bada$$‘s most recent cut, “Get Paid,” won’t be on his upcoming album, B4.Da.$$, but the Basquiat-produced “Christ Conscious” will.

While the feel is much darker than the previous release, I still have the same feeling Ryan does after he heard “Get Paid” for the first time. I’ve heard the same flow from Bada$$ over the last four years over the same sounds, whether it be upbeat or ominous 90’s boom-bap, and I’m hoping it won’t grace the entire album. The sound is nice and the skill is there, but there hasn’t I haven’t seen much growth from Bada$$ lyrically of sonically since 1999. We’ll have to wait and see now that his album is officially done. We still probably won’t get to hear it until early 2015 at the earliest.

Listen to “Christ Conscious” below, and watch its corresponding video: