Mndsgn’s video for “Camelblues” is set at a thrift store with vintage synthesizers

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 3.30.23 PM

Mndsgn has been on an upward rise as of late since his sign to Stones Throw, dropping a mixtape (Surface Outtakes) and a label debut (Yawn Zen) that are worth playing back-to-back and keeping on repeat. On these projects, the LA producer began to experiment with the addition of his own vocals. Whether it’s simple loops of hums or words or actual sung verses, it provides an injection of character and warmth that completes some of these tracks like with “Camelblues.”

In the video for “Camelblues,” Mndsgn wanders around a thrift store (a very large one) and places himself at different stations with vintage pianos, keyboards, and synthesizers where he croons and mesmerizes himself with his own spacey, soothing music. The visuals are a mix of simplicity, crispness, and quirkiness (Mndsgn posing in a gold frame on the floor) that make for the perfect eye treatment for the laid-back track.

Check out the visuals below and cop yourself some Yawn Zen if you’ve been hibernating. (Thank you Mndsgn for changing your Twitter handle to something I can easily remember.)