Stream Les Sins’ (a.k.a. Chaz Bundick/Toro Y Moi) dance floor-happy album, ‘Michael’

les-sins-michael (1)

Chaz Bundick, better known as Toro Y Moi, has created waves for himself as a producer/songwriter/singer/wizard of music over the past years making a fusion of electronic, pop, and indie. There’s no box large enough to fit the sounds Chaz combines and he expands this repertoire of his under the moniker Les Sins‘ where he breaches into the world of dance.

While there are hints of dance in his music as Toro Y Moi, Les Sins takes the listener right to the dance floor with Michael. With banging, synth-led loops and groovy drums, the album is a party in itself. But the album doesn’t just stop at music that makes you want to dance, Chaz’s talent expands the soundscape on this and brings a boat load of different jazzy, ambient, and funk textures to the scene.

Stream Michael over at NPR now and buy the album here.

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