milo & Open Mike Eagle hop on the Greyhat-produced Busdriver remix for “king cookie faced​ (​for her)”


With Busdriver‘s Perfect Hair still in rotation, “king cookie faced (for her)” has become one of my favorite tracks on the project. With it’s dream-like soundscape, Busdriver floats around with a demanding delivery that makes the banging-yet-airy track a unique and memorable track. So when I refreshed my Twitter feed to find Busdriver dropping off a remix of this track including names like Greyhat, milo, and Open Mike Eagle, my ears were more than ready to listen.

Greyhat flips the beat inside out and throws it through a black hole to create a drawn-out, spacey environment for the three Hellfyre Clubbers to soar through. With a warped loop of “she likes me better when I’m high” starting off the track, the three go on to talk about their superhuman abilities while they’re high while flirting with surrounding vocal samples throughout the track as Terra Lopen of Sister Crayon blesses the hook with her lovely vocals.

Check out the appropriately-titled remix “king cookie faced (for Hellfyre)” below and make sure you own a copy of Perfect Hair. (And happy birthday to Open Mike Eagle!)