Joseph Anid space travels on “19”


“However long I continue to write for is however long I continue to fight for.”

I’ve followed the young Florida emcee Joseph Anid for some time now after meeting him on and I’ve continuously asked and waited for a project from him. He’s always had such a natural flow and laid-back, complementary production that would suit well for a full-length listen. After some bit of time without dropping a track, Anid flips the tables with his new track “19.”

Anid has a soundscape perfect for his latest space expedition soundtrack. It’s a mystical journey that bursts a repertoire of synthesizers dribbling around his hungry flow. The emotion in Anid is definitely express at the tail-end of the track where he channels is inner-Kanye West that leaves quite the exiting impression.

Check out “19” below and be on the lookout for more by following him on Twitter.