The Beats Beat ft. AbJo, Tek.Lun, j^p^n & others


I really wish I had the time to get these up to you weekly, but this small set will be worth some missed weeks. These are some of the best doing it on SoundCloud right now, check it out:

Arµ-2 – winter power

Arµ-2 is filter god. The sidechaining of the horn samples and the crispy, dustiness of the drums make “winter power” a smooth, spacey piece of perfection. Great for those dreary, cold porch-side winter days (not like I know those because I live in South Florida).

j^p^n – i.was.gone []

j^p^n flirts around your speakers with quick hi-hats, eccentric synths, and a jazzy piano interlude. This should have been in the new Geometry Wars game.


Tek.Lun brings the party with “FA&GS.” Flashing lights and spooky party scenes is all that comes to mind with this banger:

wun two – snow

I never liked this guy because he stole my name (in a way, right?), but not really because he’s such a talent on the boards. “snow” is a quick album sampler for his newest project, so give it a listen and head over to his Bandcamp once you decide it’s definitely worth copping.

AbJo -Momentum

This guy continues to expand his sound and impress. He’s been on every spot of the music spectrum and now he’s entering the “intergalactic video game music that gets played at parties” region and does it phenomenally:

beatmachinearon – left alone

This is my favorite beat on the list. beatmachinearon pays such attention to detail that I needed to go back and listen to this a few times so I could hear every little effect and every little piece of percussion that was added between the muddy, crispy sample. It’s a blend of funky and groovy samples that transform throughout the track with added synthesizers and building snapping percussion. Enjoy: