You should familiarize yourself with novellus. and his new single, “talkback.”

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 9.39.44 PM

Some time during last year, a random EP hit the internet with four tracks by an artist called novellus. No background of any sort, but the buzz was small, yet apparent. His entire aesthetic reaked Jai Paul, but his music was unique and very ambitious.

“talkback” is a perfect example of this. His voice sounds like sene (of denitia and sene.but with more power and his production sounds like Jai Paul on a dark journey during a rabbit hole. The track is demented and twisted in a refreshing way as it shines light on a new great artist. The mystery behind him and how he gets his name juggled around from blog to blog is answered by the new-age, rich textures discovered with his music. You need to keep him on your radar.

“talkback.” Enjoy:

You can head over to his Soundcloud to hear three other tracks by him and ready yourself for his untitled EP dropping on January 26th. According to Sweeney Kovar of Indie Shuffle (and many other things) it is the re-release of his EP from last year (taken off of the face of the internet since), but it is the “better, faster, stronger, browner version.”