The Beats Beat! ft. Greyhat, froyo ma, eu-IV & more


Greyhat – adore uuu

All I can tell you here is that if you like Miley Cyrus, you’re going to want to listen to a bunch of Miley songs in a row after this. And if you’re not, this will be start of your new fandom. (But not really, I would like a remix of “We Can’t Stop,” though.) Thank you Greyhat.

drk  x psymun x steamy peen – help! my daughters a cig freak!

What a trio. They bring us a new track, “help! my daughters a cig freak!,” and while I’m not sure who contributed to what aspects, there’s a sprinkle of each of their signature moves. An airy bed of synthesizers and strings carved out with electronic wails and trippy, swinging sharp drums.

senzo. – moonlight sunset

senzo. is a new name to me and he wins me over with his latest, “moonlight sunset.” It seems like the type of wicked, twisted sunset you’d see in a Western movie where the plan went horribly wrong and you’re there left to see the outcome.

froyo ma – future – i won (rmx ft. olukara)

While this isn’t fully instrumental, I wanted to throw froyo ma in the mix because he’s better than you’re favorite producer. froyo ma turns Future to the spacey side of things with a clicky, synth-sailing soundscape. He gets his buddy Olukara to hop on the tail-end of the track who drops a poetic, dead-pan verse for the perfect contrasting cadence.

eu-IV – Jazzybelle w/ EphRem

Tagged as “Flow Fi,” eu-IV drops a waving, glitchy environment with “Jazzybelle.” It’s a large sound that pokes through your speakers and into your brain. The feeling you get when you watch The Matrix and you imagine that chair thing being stuck into you.

[ bsd.u ] – I AM NOT RACIST (read description)

bsd.u recently ran into some trouble after some dumb fans released screenshots of his (hacked) Twitter posting obscene comments. He had to delete his Twitter and create a new one to attempt to avoid the situation, but it kind of flowed around him. Not being in the wrong, bsd.u took to his music to talk on the situation. He satires situations like these and comments on it seriously in the description. Plus, it’s a really dope track. Listen:

Dream Entact. – Mutha.load

Frieza and Jay Z make for a great springtime jam. At least that’s what “Mutha.load” is from the man Dream.Entact.

Dr. LaFlow – Spirit Swervin

I’m so glad to have the privilege to know the God producer Dr. LaFlow. His beats tell a story in black-and-white and gives off a leaving impression of sorrow, as well as astonishment. Listen to “Spirit Swervin”: