The Beats Beat: j^p^n // snk∆ // Versis // BZKT // Writegroove


SoundCloud is such a beautiful place full of overzealous users and their click-friendly fingers hovering over the repost and like buttons. In the midst of the clutter of music, there’s always a few stand-out gems. Perfectly cut and shining through the rest. These four beats are those gems in the last two weeks. Click play and appreciate:

B Z K 〒 – 4k/GroovyBzkts :: BZKT x Writegroove

Ripples of dustiness unfold as BZKT and Writegroove shine through the cracks with emerging bits of tremolo-induced synthesizers. A very calming listen with subtle drums and an ambient environment make “4k/GroovyBzkts” the perfect soundtrack to your hazed-out morning.

j^p^n – ㅤ

Not sure what symbol j^p^n was trying to use for this track, but that’s the one that came up when I copy-pasted. j^p^n is the king of the strings and he showcases that on both parts of the track. The sounds of this track should be spread over a soundtrack and be the background music for epic emotional scenes in a drugged-out Anime movie.

Versis – Sage Smoke

Where are you, Versis? And why are you going to continue teasing us with these random beat drops? Until I have that new album, I will continue to ask those questions, but until then, I am enjoying these drops. “Sage Smoke” brings in a JT Money acapella over a clicking, head-nodding, groovy track. We knew Versis was no joke on the mic, but he’s got more than just a knack on the boards. The

snk∆ – Strangers

snk∆ brings us to a place full of creaking ceilings and bassists are hiding in-between the walls. “Strangers” sounds like a first-person video game that you’re not sure when the weird alien monster is going to jump in front of you, but in the I’m ready to kill whatever is in my path and that’s no big deal because I have sunglasses and a fedora on.