L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae are working together for ‘The Night Took Us In Like Family”


L’Orange just dropped his After the Flowers EP on (orange) vinyl and is now onto the next project and it involves frequent Mello Music Group collaborator, the multi-talented Jeremiah Jae.

The Night Took Us In Like Family is announced via short film noir-esque trailer that showcases an eerie, dark layout of a man in the night. It seems to be a character study on a “conspicuous” man who plots to seek revenge on someone or something through “macabre.” (I had to look that word up: disturbing and horrifying because of involvement with or depiction of death and injury.) If you’ve followed L’Orange’s career, you know there’s always a story built around characters and his instrumentals.

Jeremiah Jae joined L’Orange’s Orchid Days on “Love Letter” and they complement each other to the tee. While I’m not sure of the details on the project, I would assume L’Orange is taking full control of the production based on the somber, choppy, jazz-sampling production snippets played throughout the trailer. But I would also not be surprised if Jae stepped off the mic to sprinkle some of his own flavor onto the soundscape.

Check out the chilling trailer below. I am definitely looking forward to this. Shout out to Mello Music Group!