Chester Watson’s cold flow matches the cold breeze of his new track “Voodoo”

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 12.30.21 AM

The bill for Soundset in Minneapolis has just been announced and Chester Watson gets the call onto stage for the May festival (alongside Atmosphere, J. Cole, Big Sean, Vic Mensa, Ludacris, Freddie Gibbs and others). To celebrate the announcement, Chester blesses us with a new track off his forthcoming (unrevealed) LP that is produced by two Minneapolis dwellers, Psymun and Art Vandelay.

“Voodoo” is hypnotizing and entraps you within it’s layers and chambers of synthesizers and thumping drums. Chester Watson conquers the mysterious soundscape with his deadpan, slicing flow and lyricism that just digs deep into your skull. His rhymes are the fourth layer of attire for Chester’s song. They are as swag-ridden and attention-grabbing as the overcoat that he puts on that is not as blue as how he feels and the Bape and HUF he’s wearing late at night.

Check out “Voodoo” below. I feel a big announcement coming soon.