Download CJ Trillo’s long-awaited ‘Undrafted’


“Recorded in Anaheim, CA in a half dirty bedroom via small cups of coffee, brand name cigarettes, and 2-hour naps.”

We’ve been waiting on this release from CJ Trillo for a long minute, and now it’s finally here. Just like that proverbial thief in the night, Undrafted dropped last week. Granted we were slammed with our showcase, it was a busy time, but we were bumping the project nonetheless as we rolled around Gainesville setting up.

Coming in at 15 tracks, the project is essentially CJ expressing himself lyrically. This solitude is broken late when HiYer Learning Society founder Krews is honored as the album’s only feature. I have already listened to Undrafted a few times, and so far early favorites include “YYC,” “2012,” and “Last Name”—the only track with a feature. Enjoyable listening.

I’m really glad to see how much CJ Trillo has evolved and matured in his art. Undrafted is packed with both good ol’ trill bars from CJ, that we’ve grown accustomed to over the years, and them patented killer beats produced by Jim IE—a veritable beast on the boards. CJ and Jim IE have been working together since God knows when and they’ve definitely developed a strong chemistry, which is probably why they keep dropping bombs.

Make sure to check out CJ’s snazzy website to download Undrafted, get yourself some oh so sweet merch, and peep all of his other projects (Ars Gratia Artis, Trill Life, Heavy, and Nostalgia). Keep an eye out for the Undrafted digital booklet sporting all song lyrics and some stunning pictorial mementos, in black and white of course.

The world will be blasting Undrafted for a very long time. Don’t sleep on this one. Listen below: