beatmachinearon gives you the soundtrack for a mystical midnight walk around town with ‘La Luna’


I’ve always been a fan of beatmachinearon‘s work that I’ve stumbled upon on Soundcloud. Each beat would make me think (as a producer) “I need to learn how to do that” or (as a listener) “this is a mix of soothing dustiness and rough-hitting samples and percussion.”

La Luna is his most recent project and it’s a different perspective of the Icelandic producer. From track one to six, it’s the perfect soundtrack to a midnight walk around town. It’s mystical. It’s emotional. It’s soothing. The short length of it makes it more intimate than an entire journey would be. It’s simply just a walk across a few buildings that allows you to be with your thoughts and enjoy the simple things like the glow of a street light or the graffiti on a darkened wall.

My love for instrumentals began when I listened to guitar virtuosos like Buckethead create entire projects with no help of a lead singer. The tones he created with the use of his guitar and other instruments he had mastered were as thought-provoking as a great piece of poetry sang by a strong voice; especially on his acoustic works like COLMA. That’s how this EP resonates with me. It’s an instrumental poetry book up for interpretation. “ease” becomes the look-back at a comfortable relationship or the “good times” with swinging piano keys and drums covered with dust used as a pillow. “dont go” contrasts the song before it, but it’s a release of thoughts that echoes into the night sky that relieves the thinker. “at night” is when the thinker has reached his or hers destination. It’s a piece to recharge to. It allows for the thinker to reach pure bliss and a correct state of mind.

beatmachinearon has put a lot up for interpretation in only ~12 minutes of sounds. It could just be a small collection of soothing, vaulted beats, but listen for yourself. Enjoy: