Bobby Raps completely explodes on “PlaneWalker (wuhUwahnMi2dü)”


Bobby Raps takes the sounds of Migos and Young Thug like they’re his and then completely destroys everything in the song in the best way possible. They’re his now. On “PlaneWalker (wuhUwahnMi2dü),” he did exactly that.

Producing the song too, Bobby uses the auto-tune and the pure aggression and raspiness in his voice to bring out the most emotion I’ve ever heard from someone using this sound. Man. “FUCK YOU WANT ME TO DO? FUCK YOU WANT ME TO DO? FUCK YOU WANT ME TO DO?” People wake up every day hoping Bobby falls off, according to him, but he’s not going anywhere. Fuck. Every part of me wants to think that Bobby doing this is satire, but he does it so well, I’ll just think otherwise.

Listen to Bobby Raps completely snap on his new song below: