Chester Watson reaches nirvana at the center of a forest in the video for “Mage Magic”

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Chester Watson recently released the Art Vandelay and Psymun produced track “Voodoo,” which showed first indications of his forthcoming, unannounced project. In between Tin Wooki and that track, several loose tracks were dropped out of the air that had us yearning for more sounds from multi-talented newly-turned eighteen year-old.

Here comes another one of those tracks feeding our starvation for a Chester project, an instrumentation-straight-to-visuals called “Mage Magic.” Chester finds himself in a forest as his ambient, waving soundscape surrounds him. The artist finds himself seeking peace at the center of a forest as he draws shapes into the dirt around an isolated stone. Julia Updegraff films him as he goes about his ritual, but pays focus to the details of the nature surrounding him and the complementing tranquility it has to the music.

Check out the video for “Mage Magic” below and be on the look out: