Earl Sweatshirt announces new album, ‘I Don’t Like Shit, Go Outside,’ drops new song “Grief”


Are surprises really surprises anymore?

Late Monday night, it was announced Earl Sweatshirt would be releasing a new album, I Don’t Like Shit, Go Outside, a week after its announcement. Along with the announcement came a pre-order, which also came with a new song, “Grief.”

The song sounds incredibly gritty and low-fi — not exactly a sound I’m fond of — but the song is definitely listenable, and the switch up of the beat is worth the wait in the end. The album cover (above) on iTunes says its “An Album by Earl Sweatshirt,” which blindly gives the hope that it’s entirely produced by him.

I Don’t Like Shit, Go Outside is set for a March 23 release (the day To Pimp a Butterfly was supposed to be released), so get ready for 2015 to get even better. Go preorder on iTunes and listen to “Grief” below:

Update: Here’s the video for “Grief.” Apparently, Sony messed up this release.