Teeph Rhetoric and Mr. Troy release ‘The Robot’

The Robot

Psychological flows, there’s no turning back…

Last time we heard from Teeph Rhetoric, he was just going through the motions on GainesVillains, Volume 1. A choice emcee, Teeph has since returned to Brooklyn and amplified his rap game while working with French producer Mr. Troy. The Robot is the duo’s first full-length project. The Robot is far from cold, calculating, and mechanical; The Robot is deep and creative.

For this project, Teeph assumes the role of an ever-evolving robot rapper. He’s not the oil and gunmetal gray kind of machine, but more the blindly-follow-societal-influences variety. You know the sort. As our robot rapper matures, he shares some of his musings and frustrations about the music industry, elusive fame, life, and ephemeral youth. Each song is basically a brick on his path to actualization. I’m impressed with the way this kid flows.

On the production side of things, I must say Mr. Troy’s sound is far from pedestrian. The Mister delivers some catchy vibes that’ll have you nodding your head by the end of the first song, “Uva T”—one of my favorites.

I wonder, are these sensitive musings from The Robot a portent of the impending actualization of other robots? John Connor, Neo, Del Spooner, keep a close eye on this one. You can download The Robot here or just stream it below; maybe you’ll discover your own meaning.