Red Pill’s “That’s Okay” is the perfect hold music for the quarter-life crisis hotline


She thinks about the future and she’s mortified / Tells herself tonight she’s getting organized
Having a crisis at a quarter life / Onions on my quarter pounder, didn’t get my order right

I’ve been meaning to check out Red Pill and I am carrying the saying “better late than never” on my back like it’s my backpack on the first day of school, but that just doesn’t cut it. “That’s Okay” has made me realize that I need to buy a calendar for the sole purpose of writing down on April 7th, Red Pill’s album is dropping. (Digital calendars just aren’t as cool for reminders.) While I accredit some admiration of the track to one of my favorite producers, L’Orange (wow that’s the second time I’ve said that today), Red Pill left me more impressed by the end of the track.

“That’s Okay” is an outlook on the transitioning from adolescence to adulthood and the world seems to be against you and the thought of the “next move is probably never the right move” constantly arises. Books can be written about this. Albums can discuss this (2Pac was around 24 years old when he dropped Me Against The World). But “That’s Okay” is a refreshing outlook as it simplifies and creates an easy relatable vibe for the listener.

“I hit the drive thru and I order fries / A burger and I watch the server pour the ice.
Gotta imagine she’s as poor as I / I know she wonders if there’s more to life.”

“That’s Okay” is a modern day blues track and L’Orange executes the backstory with chopped piano licks and sudden chord hits. It’s the perfect environment that perfectly describes Red Pill’s peaceful persona questioning life purposes. While the simple problems in life may seem like the biggest deal in the moment, tomorrow is another day and “the shit” will eventually be put together.

Check out “That’s Okay” below and make sure you’re marking down April 7th for Look What This World Did To Us, being released via Mello Music Group.