St. South Enlists CJ Trillo in This Beautiful Rework of Drake’s “Jungle”

Jungle Rework

If you’re reading this, it’s NOT too late (hopefully) to get yourself a copy of the newest St. South release. A couple of weeks ago, St. South dropped her rework of Drake‘s “Jungle” but before we could pass on the good news the song had evaporated from SoundCloud. Yes. We were actually too late! Fortunately, it seems the copyright issues have finally been resolved, the rework has resurfaced, and all is well again in the universe.

St. South’s downtempo version of “Jungle” is pregnant with emotion as the Aussie songbird mesmerizes us with breezy and gentle musings on love lost. Her oh-so-dreamy voice has the power to transport a listener to a place that is simultaneously sad and wonderful. Heartbreak ain’t never sounded so good. “Jungle” is seasoned with evocative saxophone phrases that help give the track a very different flavor and feel from the original. As a final ingredient, CJ Trillo—a regular collaborator—closes the song out in his signature trill style. The man has got some insightful bars! I bet even the real 6 God is vibing to this.

You’ll probably feel compelled to listen “Jungle” a few (dozen) times while you wait for St. South’s next project, Cadence, to drop. Should you find yourself unable to control your cravings, feel free to check out her other Drizzy rework here. Enjoy St. South and Trillo’s reimagining of “Jungle” below: