Listen to DJLX’s mix of music from March, featuring Kendrick Lamar, Allan Kingdom, J’Von & more


March marks one year since the wonderful DJLX started creating mixes of music that appears on the blog for us, so it’s only fitting he rounds out the month with a mix of music from the third month of 2015.

March marked the release of some of the best albums we’ve heard this year so far, like Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly and CJ Trillo’s Undrafted, along with some of the best singles from the year like Dolphin’s “Young Black Mind” and Jay Electronica’s “Road to Peredition.”

NEWS!!!!: Along with the mix, we’re proud to announce DJLX will be hosting a live radio segment on behalf of everydejavu through MixLR on May 1. We’re hella excited for LX to host a live mix/radio show for us, as the show will include mixes of new and old music, interviews, live freestyles from artists who slide through Gainesville and guest DJ sets. It’s gonna be a fucking doozy.

Also in the mix is a preview of the interview LX and I conducted with CJ Trillo, where we talked about his latest album, basketball and collaborating with artists over the Internet.

As always, we appreciate the greatness that is DJLX, and you can listen to his mix and find its tracklist below:

New Mythology – Arella Rocket

EveryDejaVu – SENE & BLU

Uva T – Mr.Troy & Teeph Rhetoric

Faraway – AX

Young Black Mind – Dolphin

Bread whinerS ft. Blu & Eliki – Breeze Embalm

Complexion (A Zulu Love) [feat. Rapsody] – Kendrick Lamar

they dnt beleev ft. blu – J’Von & Ackryte

The Fan – Denitia & Sene

Jungle (Drake Rework) ft. CJ Trillo – St. South

Surrender (prod. Killer Mantis) – Anonymuz

Tree of Life – Kweku Collins

40/28 (Prod. OnGaud) – CRASHprez

OneTimes – Aru­2

Conscious – CJ Trillo

// CJ Trillo Interview Excerpt // everydejavu

2012 - CJ Trillo

Cosmophobia ft. Blu – Arella Rocket & Fa†e

Saikyō Pusher  -Offsite

fuck dat – BZKT

Road To Perdition – Jay Electronica

Jive Cannon – J’Von

How Much a Dollar Cost (feat. James Fauntleroy & Ronald Isley) – Kendrick Lamar

Rocketship prod. Wontu & Moisesxkings – Matt Granpap

Interred – AX

Keep It Easy - Allan Kingdom

Boston 2 London – Latrell James

Prayer1 – earoh

luv lines .peaceoutro – J’Von & Ackryte