Masego and Medasin love “Girls That Dance”

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 1.37.38 AM

Masego and Medasin are fresh names to me, but after hearing this first track from them, I’m going to need to do my research. The duo loves girls that dance and this song is a dedication and calling to them.

The production on the track is both futuristic and retro as it channels vibrant electronic textures and groovy disco-like cadences. Medasin storms the synthesizers for the chorus as Masego’s infectious voice is ridden of swagger. The track builds up with surprises as Masego not only has a saxophone solo, but a “trap scat” segment. This track will have you going bonkers like Mr. Crocker from The Fairy Oddparents.

The two artists are working on a collaborative project called The Pink Polo EP and this should be enough evidence to be on the lookout for that. Check out “Girls That Dance” below.