Interview: CJ Trillo discusses ‘Undrafted,’ collaborating over the Internet and the plight of the Los Angeles Lakers


California emcee CJ Trillo released his most recent project, Undraftedat the beginning of March after announcing it more than a year previous. DJLX and I had the opportunity to sit down with Trillo and we discussed the thought process and recording process behind many of the songs, including “2012” and “Real Talk,” and how it’s been difficult to please fans old and new.

Often, Trillo, and many artists in this day and age, has collaborated with many artists over the Internet, like Krews (the only feature on Undrafted), St. South and Ivol (formerly FcukNormality), and he spoke on what doing so has meant for him and his development as an artist. Despite losing his mother in 2006, he’s kept head-strong and gotten better as an artist since starting to rap in 2008. There’s a joy in Trillo’s voice when he talks about music he’s made and plans to make, and it was awesome being able to discuss how and why he makes music.

Listen to the interview below: