Croosh Pays “Homage” in His Newest Single With Kinetix


We need to work together or face disintergration.

I was especially honored to DJ for Croosh during his killer set when we hosted a show in Miami. We got so much love in South Florida last summer! Naturally, Croosh has kept himself busy since those old days. He has maintained a steady flow of solid releases (not unlike like this jewel… or this one). Today Croosh hits us with another true gem, “Homage.”

The beat is choice! Fellow Sunshine Stater, Kinetix, weaves together the somberest of strings into some kickass boom bap for Croosh to drop knowledge upon. It’s a wonderful combination. Coming in at short and sweet, “Homage” packs a hefty punch. Rewinding helps.

Look back on those that have laid the foundations of this wonderful life we live in, and pay tribute with Croosh. Look also into the future and prepare for his upcoming album with Sean Buck, Ascend Into The Universe. “Homage,” the dopeness is below for you to enjoy: