Knxwledge jukes around on the soulful “Jstowee”; debut album announced

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 11.07.33 AM

After a million beat tapesKnxwledge is getting his well-deserved label debut with Stones Throw and it’s called Hud Dreems. Knx has the best sample flips in the game and everyone knows it. From Kendrick Lamar to Joey Bada$$ to Blu, he’s blessed some great emcees with warped, soulful instrumentals that stand out past the common hip-hop beat. “Jstowee” is a perfect example from this and it serves as the first single from his upcoming album.

The first minute of the track has rolling kick drums and staggering snare lining down the floating vocal samples. The greatness of Knxwledge is experienced after the intro as he’s able to transition into a soulful pond of melodic flutes and subtle echoing chatter. While the juking snaps and rattle of the first half was grooving as it is, the transitional transformation defines the essence of Knx and why he deserves to have his music pressed to vinyl by Stones Throw.

Coming May 5, Hud Dreems can be pre-ordered now. Be on the lookout for Nxworries too.