The Beats Beat III: Luke Bonds, Knxwledge, BZKT, Ackryte & more

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The third installment of our SoundCloud playlists of compiled recent beats of what we like to call “The Beats Beat” is here and it features a premiere of a track from a producer who we’ve built a close relationship with and followed for quite a bit now. Luke Bonds was featured on our Pieces II compilation project with a track called “Blew And Silvor.” On his latest track, he flips Mndsgn and flies him into his own buzzy, trembling world. It’s smooth, yet rugged like an expensive piece of fashionable clothing that you see a celebrity wearing and think to yourself, “there’s no way they’re comfortable, but that still looks cool.”

The rest of this playlist is all over the place. j^p^n‘s latest track is full of surprises as it has three different segments that makes you realize that there’s three different stages of being ascended into heaven. BZKT continues to drop music as he flips Drake on a fuzzy jazzy adventure. Speaking of dropping a lot of music, we had to include Knxwledge‘s latest on here that flows perfectly into MadBliss‘ spanish-influenced banger, “Tus Labios.” There’s more tracks to catch and more tracks to talk about, but no need to ruin the surprises. Click play and let it ride: