Offsite can’t quote Hoosiers, but drifts along like a clumsy giraffe on “The Lemongrabs”

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“Don’t you find the depth of conversation kind of light?”

Offsite has been in Japan for some time now and if you’ve been sleeping while he’s awake, you may have missed his last project called Invisible IdealsOffsite’s style is unmatched. It’s a caricature of modern raps as he carries himself with melodies and wields quotables on par with Lil Wayne but in an entirely different spectrum. He’s back with a track called “The Lemongrabs” where he borrows a beat from beatmachinearon and realizes that he can’t quote Hoosiers.

Falling short of two minutes, Offsite is an observational character on “The Lemongrabs” as he seems to work around a world full of people glued to their social media alter-egos. The beat is muffled-yet-lively as it bubbles underneath Offsite’s words that everybody knows to be true. He picks at the twisted fake emotions we give off whether it’s not laughing when speaking “sarcastically” during petty chat or actually laughing when we should be angry. He wonders if your fingers get tired as you use Tinder and understands the sly move of pretending to text when you don’t realize the reference in conversation.

You can teach a class on what Offsite taught in less than two minutes. Enjoy:

  • bruno stroszek

    the boy mumbles, sure, but i think it’s ““Don’t you find the depth of conversation kind of light?” and “we can’t quote Hoosiers,” a near infamous football flick

    • ryan magnole

      while i am a bit embarrassed now, i am thankful for the correction. i agree with you so i have fixed!