Gallup polls among groupies find Scallops Hotel most bougie on the pensive, soothing “Tense Present”

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Scallops Hotel broke free out of milo‘s host body last week dropping the first single off his upcoming project Plain Speaking. “Lavender Chunk” was mesmerizing and simply effective and brought in Future Islands‘ Samuel T Herring as Hemlock Ernst to channel his meditating thoughts onto the front end of the track. Scallops Hotel’s writing is housed in another realm than milo and it’s further shown on the newest single called “Tense Present.”

“Tense Present” is a comforting release of thoughts for this moniker of Rory Ferreira as he admits he grieved for Sammy Sosa and he finds it soothing that his groupies were surveyed to prove that he’s “most bougie.” The soundscape that Scallops Hotel is pensive and tribal — in a meditative sense. The chanting, drum pattering ending of the track is an enchanting experience that captures the message perfect: if you’re okay, then I’m okay.” Different from his last project, Scallops Hotel handles most the production on Plain Speaking (with additional production from Emmanuel Fade, Illingsworth, and TV Nicks) and he seems to have found a space that comforts him that he has been in search of since producing tracks for like “my granddad’s soul with thanks to Will for helping me find it.”

In a time when some are facing hardships, some just need to be told me okay. Be soothed with Scallop Hotel’s latest, “Tense Present”:

Plain Speaking comes out May 5 on milo’s new label/outlet, Ruby Yacht.