Kweku Collins motivates with the energetic, Odd Couple-produced “Your Song”

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Being signed to Closed Sessions now, the Windy City artist is tip-toeing his way to his next proper release and is dropping off a taste of a hint of what we should be expecting with “Your Song.” Bringing in Odd Couple on the production, we have half of Closed Session’s roster coming together to make this breezy, summer speaker thumper that resonates with Kweku Collins‘ older music but digs through a new lane.

Kweku’s older music like his EP Worlds Away was airy, laid-back and feel-good and while some of these aspects are kept in the new motivating “Your Song,” Kweku finds himself nodding his head along to the thumping percussion and gliding through the backing heavenly vocals. The concept behind the track is uplifting and takes on the same theme as a song like 2Pac‘s “Keep Your Head Up.” This track is a march for those who doubt themselves and he is offering his song to those to allow them to overcome their hardships.

Check out “Your Song” below and be on the look out for more from Kweku Collins below.