Watch O†ion’s new video and pre-order their album, ‘Broken Bones’ now!

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It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally time to roll out O†ion‘s debut album, Broken Bones. After a few single drops, we get a two-in-one video and the pre-order for the album which will be released in one week.

The first part of the video (“Moonset”) is directed by James Blaj and takes the indie-ambient duo into the woods as Savannah Moreau’s voice glides through the tunnels of light that pierce the tree ceiling. As it seems Savannah is exploring this open, spiraling world that Fa†e has created for her, she is comfortable and conquering of this black-and-white hued environment. The first part of the video then fades into “Into The O†ion,” but we only get a snippet of the never-before-heard song and it has Savannah serenading us aside the sounds of the waves hitting the shore. This half is directed by Fa†e as he captures the large, clear sky that snugs up against the calm body of water.

Broken Bones will be released on May 11 and it is available to pre-order now. The digital album will be free, but you can order a CD (which comes with a free download of the title track at purchase), a t-shirt or both! Head over to our Bandcamp to do so and head over to 2DopeBoyz (where the album will be premiered) on May 11 to listen to the project in its entirety.