Bobby Raps has some fine words to say about his baby’s momma

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Bobby Raps has a myriad of styles he can pull off. From introspective and poetic to party star to punk band singer, Bobby Raps controls what he wants to do and he succeeds every time. This time around, Bobby Raps has some kind words to say about his baby’s momma.

A rhythmic synthesizer pattern lays down the bed for Bobby Raps anthem to how much he doesn’t fuck with his baby’s momma. He’s preaching the case and he calls himself Reverend Al Sharpton. Even with all the good times (only mentions things sexually-related), she has nothing to offer. There’s no hidden story behind this track. The title says it all and you could only imagine Bobby Raps partying to this track as he speaks his feelings. As he serenades us with a effect-happy voice, tiiiiiiiiiip gives us some entertaining adlibs to put the cherry on top for this hilarious banger.

Maybe this is a great anthem for you too. “Fuk My Baby Moma”: