Chester Watson drops the 6-track EP, Summer Mirage


Chester Watson dropped his last LP in March 2014 with Tin Wooki, and since then it’s been loosie season and full of instrumental tape drops. Forward to today and we get a surprise from the young multi-talent: a 6-track EP called Summer Mirage.

Chester stays loyal to his loosies and keeps them as is. He’s not recycling his singles that were straight-to-SoundCloud and throwing them together to make a whole album (which he could easily do at this point), but instead grabbed six tracks from his well-crafted vault. With two-thirds produced by himself, the sound is rough and gritty, but as a Chester Watson those are the sonics I’ve grown to love from him. The first track, “4 gig nasa” is produced by his Minneapolis squad Psymun, Art Vandelay and prime.cut. The track floats you into space and his native dimensions as he describes his extraterrestrial home to be full of castles and vivid like fractals.

I have this playing through right now, but just a few minutes in and it’s going to have a handful of more plays by the end of the day. Best part? It’s free! (But you can also throw him some money… be nice!)