everydejavu radio: Episode 02 ft. Fa†e & DJ Adikt


Friday, we held the second live episode of everydejavu radio on MixLR, and we have the whole show available now to listen to as many times as you want. The show featured a guest set from Fa†e, where he included artists who have influenced him to to become the producer he is today. Later in the show, DJ Adikt played a set that featured sounds from his upcoming album, Hale-Bopp, which is influenced by exit tapes of the Heaven’s Gate cult, a group of people who committed mass suicide to board the spaceship the presume is following the tail of the comet. Weird shit, but it’s good. We also premiered Sey’s “Trees.” Enjoy.

Listen to the show below, and check below that for the tracklist:


“EveryDejaVu” – SENE & BLU

“Criminology of The 3rd [Going Under]” – Fa†e

“Monsters” ft. Arella Rocket – O†ion

“Raincoats” – Maribou State

“You Rock My World (Michael Jackson Cover)” – Phony Ppl

Fa†e’s guest set:

“I Wonder” – Kanye West

“Touch The Sky” – Kanye West

“All Falls Down” – Kanye West

“Flashing Lights” – Kanye West

“Paranoid” – Kanye West

“Match.com (Commercial Break)” – Charles Hamilton

“In Case I Actually Get Her” – Charles Hamilton

“Choices (A Wave For Alex)” – Charles Hamilton

“Eternal Sunshine” – Jay Electronica

“@FatBellyBella” – Jay Electronica

“Simba” – J. Cole

“Grown Simba” – J. Cole

“Return of Simba” – J. Cole

“Before I’m Gone” – J. Cole

“My World” – KiD CuDi

“Day N Nite” – KiD CuDi

“Heaven At Nite” – KiD CuDi

“Final Fantasy XV” – XV

“Familiar” – XV

“Phobia” – XV

“When We’re Done” – XV

“Amnesia” – Blu

“Til We Die” – Blu

“Simply Amazin'” – Blu & Exile

“The World Is… (Below The Heavens)” – Blu & Exile

“untightled” – rawr

DJ Adkit’s guest set:

Sound from Hale-Bopp – DJ Adikt

“Coronus, the Terminator” – Flying Lotus

“Forerunner Foray” – Shabazz Palaces

“Built for This (instrumental)” – Freddie Gibbs, Method Man & Madlib

“Piñata” – Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

“Fun” – Jeremiah Jae

DJLX’s outro:

“Trident” – Chester Watson

“Spaced Out” – Jeftuz

“Stephulka V3″ – dylAn

“Trees” – Sey

“3 Feet Higher” – Blu

“Love Jones” – Park 321

“Familiar” ft. King L & Quavo of Migos – Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment

“Excessive” (Prod. By Sango & The SEVENth) – D.R.A.M.

“Green Light” ft. Anderson Paak – Jonwayne

“Locked Up” – Akon