Blu and Bombay drop new single, “Thriller,” ft. Sene, Definite, Co$$

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All thriller, no filler when they press play.

It’s been over a year since Blu dropped his last project. He teamed up with an old friend named Bombay to drop a summer double-disc album that embraced the California heat and hometown love. Good To Be Home was made for the old school top down Cadillac’s that only had a cassette player and it was made with L.A. at heart. One of the stand out songs that touched on gang violence was “The Return.” Next month, the track is being liberated as a single release and being pressed to vinyl along with some extra goodies like a new track called “Thriller.”

“Thriller” brings in some of Blu’s old friends, Sene, Definite and Co$$. There’s no chorus needed for this soulful cut as the three rappers are running a thrilling (couldn’t resist) cypher over Bombay’s gritty, large soulful piece. Blu’s not holding back a breath as he let’s us know (as well as Suge) that he’s not signing shit unless he can get rich quick.

Check out the new Blu track below and make sure you grab the vinyl single before it’s gone!