Kevin Abstract teams with Allan Kingdom again for the futuristic floater “Refresh”

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 1.48.21 PM

Kevin Abstract has been stashed away working on DOASM, but never lets his fans down with an occasional SoundCloud drop. His latest has him returning to work with Allan Kingdom after they did a song together about a year ago called “Already.” That track was playful and bouncy and sounded like it belonged off Kingdom’s last project, Future Memoirs. “Refresh” is their new track and while it’s more down Kevin Abstract’s lane, it’s a sound that neither artist has delved into. The two of them float along in a futuristic soundscape in something that sounds like a successfully-done radio-friendly track. The backing is full of ambient synths and sweeping leads that carry Kevin’s voice throughout the hook and Kingdom’s staggered flow on the second verse.

Kevin Abstract and Allan Kingdom continue to impress after a year between collaborations: