novellus unveils his identity in his new grainy video for “reign”

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 12.42.31 PM

novellus was an enigmatic singer and producer that hid behind his hands in any photo and buried most noticeable traits in his synth-heavy, futuristic-yet-vintage (it makes sense to me) music. His voice resonated with a familiar delivery and tone to a recent booming duo and familiar rap name for some time. novellus has taken himself to OkayPlayer to reveal that he’s sene and novellus has been his output of experimentation. He dropped an EP while he was working on his electro-R&B project with Denitia Odigie and it was unique and a fresh sound from the NY-bred artist.

The latest video from novellus expresses more artistry as it takes his track “reign” into a kaleidoscope facing the VCR-version of iTunes’ visualizer while the masked person resides in the background hiding his identity like novellus has. Enjoy the video and I’ll be looking forward to more music in any form from sene.