froyo ma teams with Mulherin and The ArchiTek for a dusty serenade called “believe N luv”

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 12.32.34 PM

froyo ma continues to scribble away and channel his colorful imagination onto my SoundCloud feed and there will never be a problem with that. He’s onto his fourth track this year and each is a dribble of unique splattered textures that falls right into place with the character drawings he does for each track art. His last track, “window fog,” was the first time I heard him put himself on the microphone and his soft-spoken delivery fit snuggly in with the ambience of the track and he succeeds the vocal approach again on his latest, “believe N luv.”

With a sheet of dust covering the serenading plucked guitar chords, froyo enters with a sailing vocal melody as he’s joined by Mulherin with an effect-friendly swagger-filled croon. The two harmonize and lead into a groovy break where The ArchiTek comes in to rap in bursts to the bouncing keys and percussion. “believe N luv” blends flavors from all around the music spectrum that can only be described with “a froyo ma sound.”

Listen below and download it for free by clicking that little arrow button: