Croosh x Sean Buck Finally Ascend Into The Universe

AITU (Front)

Respect The Vibe

Space. Dreams of conquering this most final (and yet infinite) of frontiers have captivated our species since time immemorial. We are constantly striving to exchange our tenure on this blue planet for even the quick extraterrestrial excursion. Most recently, with Jupiter and Venus twinkling ever so brightly as their orbits came very close in our night sky, SpaceX’s mission to resupply the crew at the International Space Station (ISS) failed. Apparently, only a couple minutes after launching from Cape Canaveral, Florida, the un-manned Falcon 9 rocket exploded, jettisoning all sorts of toasted cargo into the Atlantic Ocean. Not to worry though as no one was injured, plus the cosmonauts aboard the ISS are still good on supplies for now. And as an unfazed SpaceX works tirelessly to get back up there, other space programs have missions scheduled to the ISS before stuff runs out.

Meanwhile, in West Palm Beach, about two hours south of the SpaceX launchpad, Croosh and Sean Buck succeeded in blasting off-planet. Their extravagant project, Ascend Into The Universe, dropped without a hitch via Respect The Vibe. No cost was spared in the creation of this ultrahigh quality album. We got a taste of AITU in the form of an ominous single, “Vibe Chill,” premiered on episode 02 of our radio show. The tone of the project was crystal clear then; AITU was to be an incredibly laidback album.


AITU is slated as a loose follow-up to Croosh’s last full-length release, Cloudless Night, produced by Danny Dee. It could be said that Cloudless Night (available for streaming here) highlighted the inner workings of a youth as he reflected upon the stars studding a particularly clear Florida night sky—beyond the literal meaning, the stars here are also metaphor for goals and dreams. AITU, then, is a project about thinkers transitioning into doers. No longer paralyzed by uncertainty or self-doubt, the stargazer morphs into an inspired star-chaser on a determined quest.

Only seconds into the first song, “Ascend Into The Universe [Intro],” the project delivers the promised dosage of mellow. After getting your mind right and adjusting your focus appropriately, as recommended by the intro, the show officially begins with “Ascension.” Hard bars from Croosh and Sean, are to be expected throughout the album, but every once in a while we get soulful bit from Sean to add that extra dimension to the sound. The project is capped off with a track aptly titled “Sublime”—an adjective I would use liberally to describe the AITU experience. As a sort-of icing on the cake, this outro (a bonus track) contains rhymes from the only guest feature on the album, Kairo Lavo3. Incidentally, this super bonus is the only track with a video so far.

Seeing Croosh and Sean so in sync all throughout the album is in itself a mind-blowing spectacle. However, AITU is not just two complementary emcees stylishly spitting truth on the mic; that is only part of the picture. AITU’s celestial soundscape had to be meticulously designed and constructed by two of Florida’s finest, Danny Dee and ShowoffBeats. Dee is known for producing several gems like Isaiah Rashad’s “Brad Jordan,”  while ShowoffBeats has also cooked up a fair share of fire like “1st Place” for Jet Life Crew. Yep, these guys are definitely the real deal. Danny Dee blesses the first half of AITU’s production, and the transition into Showoff’s portion is seamless. Dee and Showoff each put out bold and original sounds that are inherently and inexorably linked for this project—not unlike the two sides of that proverbial coin.

A contagious vibe permeates throughout AITU and inspires the listener to assume the best possible version of themselves before reaching out boldly for his/her own goals. So pack your fav spacesuit and take a trip into the your universe pregnant with possibilities. Despite recent congressional budgetary cuts on space exploration, Ascend Into The Universe is available for streaming (below) or download (right here) at no additional cost to the upstanding taxpayer. Now if we could only get a copy of this hot fiyah to the homies in orbit on the ISS, wouldn’t that be something? I’m looking at you SpaceX guy.